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Welcome to Taiyuan!
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The amusement in Taiyuan

Since of Taiyuan flourishing scene needn't to be said, recreational facilities here such as the sauna, massage, bowling in vogue of coastal cities can be found everywhere, is not inferior to place any, every recreation time, people come and go. But if you have already played oilily to bowling, squash, softball, etc., then you can go to savour the life of Taiyuan, would be better bubble tea house, appreciate opera, folk art forms, acrobatics, national song and dance, etc. you had better as well go to the local theater or mass place of entertainment such as park and other places to view and admire the famous representative's types of drama of the province of Shanxi: Jin opera, i.e. Jin Opera with mild and indirect and smooth with beautiful melody melody; Or the south road watch-man's clapper with changeable style, watch-man's clapper of the north road, going to the watch-man's clapper of the party, melodized, local colour strong Qi yangge.

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