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Welcome to Taiyuan!
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The Festival celebration of Taiyuan

>>Festival of coldly eat

It is area in the XiJin of Shanxi peculiar festival, It made for commemorating Jiezitui. More than 2600 years ago according to legend, Zhonger travelled round the countries the Jin Dynasty, went through all kinds of hardships and difficulties. Once, it is difficult to endure that he goes hungry, when being helpless by every means, minister Jiezitui bring to the meat soup, make Zhonger row the difficulty across the Jin Dynasty. This meat soup , it was meat that the meson pushed away and is cut on one's own thigh that boiled out, this is the famous story "cutting burst and presenting you with respect" in history. Zhonger come back home as monarch later, enfeoffment at the minister, forget Jiiezitui only. As soon as someone pushes and feels indignant at the injustice suffered by Jiezitui, someone sticks one to stick to on the palace door namelessly, reveal that Jinwengong ungrateful, he is very ashamed after seeing, just send someone to ask Jiezitui. But he had shoulder mother live in seclusion silk floss mountain of the forest already. Send someone to look for everywhere by Jinwengong, there is no whereabouts, set fire and burn the mountain, hope Jiezitui out. But Jieitui preferred to die rather than surrender, the mother and son hold a big tree and die from the forest finally. Jinwengong extremely dejected, too late to repent. Zhonger in order to commemorate Jiezitui, switch Jingshan over to Jieshan, change the name of county to Jiexiu, the day of burn to death that Jiezixiu determine as "cold to eat verse". These one days, it was the previous day on Qing Ming Day, of every year, prohibit fire for one day, every household takes cold drinks and snacks, this is origin of "eating festival coldly".

>>Make a noise on the Lantern Festival

In the area of Jinzhong, as the centre of Taiyuan, at annual lunar calendar 15 Lantern Festivals of the first month of the lunar year night, should "make a noise on the Lantern Festival", lively and outstanding. The gongs, drums are clangorous and pleasant, the fireworks, fireworks, fireworks display are put together, the dragon lantern, land boat zigzag but walks, the stilts, bamboo stick used as a toy horse walk slowly like a woman and get about, flourishing scene is too beautiful to be absorbed all at once. Ordinary people call that "flourishingly" cordially, comments on: "the dragon in the north of the city of lion of the south of the city, the stilts skill in the city is precise", "the fire of the south village, light of valley very much, ditch (Qingxu county) iron rod it loves to be very people ". Probably there are more than 70 kinds of "flourishing programs", dance lion, play with the dragon lantern, walk on stilts, row the land boat, play with a Buddhist monk (the doll with big head), attack butterfly, horse race bamboo, let waist drum, play rattle stick, do the Yangko, iron rod, carry rod, living rod, sea mussel dance, run donkey, push train, 8 transliteration know, each shows his special skill. At night on the Lantern Festival, the lamplight is shaken everywhere, the fireworks blare out, music curl upwards one team team "flourishing" , step on pressing or otherwise drumbeat caused to have whirling to dance, people help the old and guide the young, get on street, fall over each other, watch, "new trend the festive lantern American slowly really, the elegant winter jasmine of dance team will come", will demonstrate a scenery of "making a noise in spring".

>>Eat the flat food

Taiyuan and Jinzhong people has a habit, eat the flat food on lunar New Year's Day. Flat food, i.e. the dumpling. Should wrap at the New Year's Eve night, "it is annual to endure" while wrapping up, before dawn the first day of the first month of the lunar year. And every family regards "flat food" as the main food during the whole the Spring Festival. The form of the dumpling looks like ingots, eat dumplings on the Spring Festival, contain lucky meaning, call it "the years old dumpling". People boil take with dumpling noodles, ask " ilver line twine ingots".

>>Ancient temple of Jin shrine

Taiyuan Jin shrine, legal "the shrine ancient temple fair" in the second day in the seventh lunar month in every year. Jin shrine ancient temple fair is local people hold a memorial ceremony for day of god, have a history of several hundred years already. Every these one days, the peasants near the shrine of the Jin, always set up the stage here, ask the theatrical troupe to perform several plays. At night, there are traditional folk folk art performance given on traditional or religious festivals, fireworks. Burnt incense and prayed, prayed to gods for blessing and prayed for the rain on this day in the past. Now become the largest conference of interflow of commodities in urban and rural areas of Taiyuan city. Get during the ancient temple fair each time, commercial establishment of every county in suburbs sets up a stall, eat, wearing, articles, have all kinds of things. Snake exhibition, flower hall, fish exhibition, mix and need the starting point is known in succession even. People support together with young from come on to catch up with temple fair, a sea of people, lively and outstanding from all directions always. From 19 to will it be the ninth day July the sixth lunar month, hopeful to think in everyday, people such as tide.

>>International folk art festival

It initiate at 1991 September 21, every September in Taiyuan city former run, has "section at the gongs and drums international at the Shanxi" at the same time and "exchange it week Shanxi in a friendly way externally" activity. At first Shanxi Taiyuan international folk art festival and opening ceremony of festival of international gongs and drums, the imposing gongs and drums team relying mainly on several hundred young men and women in silk fabric clothes of bright red ancient costume, beat "the peerless drum". Later, it was a grand team of the dragon lantern of the dance, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and green, blue, purple, eight brown color dragons, tremble out imposingly. Thousands of performers from a dozen art troupes in the whole country assemble in Taiyuan ancient city, color ancient type of banner hoisted on a feather decked mast wave in the wind, strains of music accompanied by drumbeats blare out, the whole city people all immerse in the happy atmosphere of festival.
On the art festival, there are folk theatre troupes from countries such as Russia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Mongolia, etc., performance excellent foreign folk dance, still hold culture exhibitions such as fine arts, painting, paper-cut, sculpture, folk art forms, acrobatics, magic, dress, etc., broaden people's outlook.

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