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Taiyuan History

Taiyuan, it is the civilized ancient city of the North of our country, there is long history. The discovery of "site of ancient culture remains of old stone implement of Gujiao", prove that the mankind lived multiplied on Taiyuan as early as 100,000 years ago. Justice well and the east tell us again very much, mother 7,000-8,000 years ago, the clan commune is early in "remains of the Neolithic Age culture" of the fort, Taiyuan people created magnificent culture first. When was Yin Shang period was t north Tang of ancient country originally, archaeologists have been making the area of smooth village of Taiyuan, find the site of ancient culture remains of Shang Dynasty, name "made smooth type culture". Latter stage of spring and autumn, it makes to be illustrious open ancient city the Jinyang come out on Fen river side of ink on generation the Jin Dynasty in common 15 year (the past 497 years ) the Jin Dynasty, already had a history of 2500 years so far. Open ancient city in initial stage such as the Warring States, have made the capital of State of Zhao. Behind Qin Shihuang unifies in China, it is 36 prefectures to divide into the world, has set up Taiyuan prefecture on this old land, the prefecture manages in Jingyang. Combine state sting the Ministry of official personnel Affairs in feudal China set up Jinyang, this claim combine beginning of state Taiyuan in Han Dynasty, abbreviated as and "combined" also source herein Taiyuan. It is hour, Taiyuan have already become one of the seats of local government of departments of 13 states of the whole country, well-known. In the the Northern and Southern Dynasties, Jinyang is Eastern Wei Dynasty and the north Qi "don't", remain the status of "unreasonable office" throughout. Sui Dynasty, Taiyuan is the third largest city of the whole country, the position is second only to ChangAn and Luoyang. Prosperous and powerful Tang WangChao originate in Taiyuan, because Jinyang ancient to have Tang country claim. After Liyuan father and son make the capital in the Chang An, then regard "Tang" as the title of a reigning dynasty. Several emperors in initial stage of the Tang Dynasty have extended the open city of Jinyang for several times, seal it "the north city" and " Beijing",in succession, with Kyoto Chang An, the east Luoyang and call "three city", "three Jing", Wu Dai - Shi Guo, the Later Tang Dynasty, the Later Jin Dynasty, the Later Han of chaos caused by war, north Chinese, or gained fame and fortune in Jinyang, regard this as country, Taiyuan reputation is illustrious to the whole nation, pass it for "ragon city". Song peaceful to make the country prosperous four year (979 year), second emperor Zhaoguanyi kill north Han, burn the Jinyang city, guide Fen again, water of Jin ruins the Jinyang city as ruin. One goes through 1476 the ancient city with long history is destroyed completely. Three years later new former city open the north 20 kilometers of Tang Ming towns emerge from ancient Jinyang, Jiayou four years, sets up Taiyuan office to manage. Gold and yuans era, Taiyuancity experience all kinds of the chaos caused by war too. The beginning of Ming, Zhuyuanzhang seal his third son Zhuwang as Jin king, extend Taiyuan city, it is one of the nine side important strategic places. The Ming and Qing times, Taiyuan economy was developed rapidly, its mining industry, commerce, handicraft industry, the economy to the whole country exerts a tremendous influence, there is "the Jin trader holds the national ox's ear" reputation.

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