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Welcome to Taiyuan!
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Taiyuan Overview

Taiyuan is the provincial capital of province of Shanxi originally, lie in the middle of province border, the North of Taiyuan basin, in the middle part of the Yellow River Basin of North China, enclose with hills on three sides in the west, the north, the east, is located in north and south and Pu and Shitai intersection of the railway. Abbreviated the male genital as and combined, another name combines the state, call the Jinyang, close to Fen river, is enclosed with hills on three sides, have the good reputation of "beautiful Taiyuan city" from ancient times. About 800 of elevation, geographical coordinate east longitude is 11130'~11309', north latitude is 3727'~3825'. The regional outline takes the form of bat, things harsh and unreasonable from is about 144, north and south vertical is about 107, 6956 of the whole area, total population nearly 3 million. Have light shop district under its command, Yingze district, sharp lawn district, ten thousand Berlin district, the Jin source district, Gujiao city, Yangqu county, Qingxu county, Loufan county, count is 22 towns 61 of townships and 50 subdistrict offices. The area of urban area is more than 140 sq. km. among them, population in the urban area is more than 1 million. Politics of the whole province, economy, science and technology, culture, education, traffic, information centre, it is a Chinese ancient city that has a long history of 2500 years, famous for the world in its long history, magnificent culture, abundant resource. The important tributary Fen river of the Yellow River of normal position, traverse the whole city, flows through the country is about 100 kilometers. Urban area the east have Taihang Mountain separate, the west have Lu roof beam protective screen, located river valley between two mountain at the plain. Belong to the continental climate in the north temperate zone, there is no severe cold in winter, there is no heat in summer, the diurnal amplitude is relatively great, frost-free period is relatively long, the sunshine is sufficient .

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