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Welcome to Taiyuan!
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Taiyuan Shopping

Taiyuan urban shopping center are distribute in meet pool east street, five all the way, liberate south road, build south road, Kaihua temple street area mainly too, among them there are the Department Store, dragon's mansion on day on May Day with a long history; There are space shopping center, Imperial Garden commercial building, all expensive general merchandise of new developing China; If want to see Taiyuan folkways, you can go willow lane goods street, bell tower street, south street of evening market of willow. All these are the most popular area of Taiyuan city, among them the the willow lane and bridgehead street are the most flourishing particularly, on every festivals or holidays, here is often overstaffed. Taiyuan local products, the Fen Jiu, Bamboo Leaf Green are the most famous. In addition, millet mountain board date, flat 600 shut Pu state blue and green persimmon, wall song kiwi fruit, Qingxu grape, go to party "dangshen", mountain of papers sections of mus of inkstone, Gaoping silk, plank New Year picture of Pingyang, push away, belong to the row of the famous product .

The special product in Taiyuan

>>Glass Ge
It is a kind of thin glass Chinese percussion instrument, it is a kind of seasonable toys for children of festival celebration in Taiyuan area, the head is big, oblate in shape, The midde connects long and thinly and manages, blow with mouth, thin glass take place sound of "Ge bang, Ge bang" until air current agitate extremely, clear and melodious and melodious, welcomed by children very much.

>>One section of inkstones
It is also called WenShan stone. There are purple, black, green three kinds of stone color of mountain of papers, the best with purple stone. The gentle hillfoot of Shanxi has the praise of "inkstone township", the materials are meticulous, the ink stone in the style of the ancients that is made out is unusually exquisite. "blue pavilion preface" inkstone , imitate, fold arms sea water pool inkstone, carve tortoise beast pool inkstone, five bat hold longevity inkstone had become the famous inkstone in Shanxi.

>>In the style of the ancients ironware
Taiyuan Jin shrine Song cast iron man to be well-known all over the world, the remarkable representatives of Taiyuan ancient metallurgical technology. In recent years, Taiyuan the urban smithcraft factory in the north uses high-quality pig iron as raw materials, produce the ironware in the style of the ancients successively, the products are various in style, the recruitment is superior, as "horse step on the fly swallow" , "Ming Kowloon pot" , " head of Buddha of Yungang" , "iron man of the Jin shrine" , etc. exactly like the original work.

>>Hit paper-cuts in Taiyuan
Jinzhong is the countryside of Taiyuan suburb, cut window pattern every year, has already become tradition. The content of the paper-cut is extensive, the habitual pattern has flowers and plants birds and beasts, mythical legend, joyous pattern, lucky characters, etc., lucuriant in design, the local colour is strong. The folk paper-cut has already become the flourishing goods on the festival celebration market at present.

>>Coloured glaze products
Abound with the coloured glaze products in Taiyuan, ancient already has. The coloured glaze made of the Su of the village of horse in Taiyuan, start in the Tang Dynasty, have already found a good sale in the other provinces when the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The products of coloured glaze, have decorated numerous antiques, ancient buildings.

>>Dough model
It is also calls "the dough figurine" too, it is a handicraft in PingLu County. Pinch various birds and beasts, fruit, various personage image with white flour, steam well done to go on and then colored drawing or pattern. The dough model is careful and exquisite, physique is vivid, often regard as lucky articles for people to appreciate to present relatives and friends.

>>The buffed lacquer
It gains the name with the craft done by hand, is in the paint wooden furniture, rub after the lacquer, rub paint, repeated for several times, and then introduce the gloss with hands. Then, through pushing many kinds of technological process such as protruding, painting in gold, colored drawing or pattern, etc. , various pattern of personage, birds and flowers, mountains and rivers appear. The buffed lacquer also calls the gold lacquer furniture, have exquisite, abundant in content painting, characteristic of never fading etc..
The buffed lacquer produced in Taiyuan had been already well-known since the Tang Dynasty, had had unique national styles. Commonly called as Shanxi lacquer ware, Taiyuan gold lacquer factory peace push away, paint product of the factory famous only at a distance, the main products are as follows, screen, hanging panel, ancient leg sofa desk, ornament cupboard, embroidering the mound, desk, smoking set, etc..

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