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Welcome to Taiyuan!
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Taiyuan Transportation

Taiyuan traffic is developed, the airport that is extended is the alternate airport of Captical International Airport. Besides leading to the main city of our country, the international flight for Hong Kong has already been opened too. 6 pieces of trunk railway go to more than 10 cities in the whole country directly, 8 arterial highways are linked inside and outside the province. AfterTaiyuan expressway is opened, taking the car can reach Beijing and Tianjin in 5 , 6 hours. Highway radiation network, the traffic is extremely convenient, it is a hub of communications of the whole province, the bus, trolley circuit are criss-cross in the city, the traffic is extremely convenient.

External traffic

Taiyuan military constellation airport is located in the south suburb, 18 km from the urban area. There is through transport with every national main large and medium cities such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guilin, Nanjing, Shenyang, Xi'an. Taiyuan city reach airport have regular regular bus of civil aviation, most easy method whether oneself take a taxi, it is nearly takes 30 minutes to calling a taxi at the airport on the city.

It is original in Beijing that starting point of two railway lines of Jing - Yuan, Shi - Tai and the beginning of Tai - Jiao lines, join several dozen large and medium cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Chengdu, Baotou, via having more than 20 with stopping in Taiyuan express every day. It is TongPu, Shitai intersection of railway to be domestic.
Taiyuan railway station lies in to easternmost of Yingze Street, take from urban area 1 - 5 - 21 a lot of bus may go to at the railway station directly too. The train ticket office is in the south of the railway station, in addition there are a lot of reservation offices in the city, can get the ticket (the service charge is generally 5 yuan ) by way of ordering by telephone .

It is the first expressway of province of Shanxi to arrive to the old "too old expressway" that shuts inTaiyuan, the road until Taiyuan Wusu begin too, Yuci city, Shouyang county, Yangquan city, county of Pingding, until Shanxi and bounded place of Hebei - Close old, appear old after closing, with linking to each other from Shijiazhuang to expressway of Beijing. Walk the expressway, from need 5 can reach more than hour only to Beijing from Taiyuan (pick-up point lies in Yingze Street mayor way bus stop of east, fare is 120 yuan, the terminus is the beautiful pool bridge long-distance bus station of Beijing). The main arterial highway leads to the army to cross Taiyuan, getting to Dakou from Taiyuan, Taiyuan to Jiuuan, Taiyuan to Xiabaiquan, Taiyuan to Wenjiazhuang, Taiyuan to Jingyue and so on linesm Taiyuan and Yuanping have expressway link to each other, the high speed for from offer facilities to tourists in WuTaishan from Taiyuan. There is hire a car and lead directly to five Taishan (43 of fare ) and Junyuan hang in the sky temple and Ying county wood tower and so on travel spot in Taiyuan city Yingze street. There are VOLVO go to DaTong directly outside the gate of power old building, can reach about 5 hours, fare is 70 yuan (include a pastry). In addition, there are expressways to reach Gujiao, Wenshui and other places too originally. Until Taiyuan long-distance bus station have car go to ancient city directly Pingyao too, about 2 hour such as drive, fare is about 10 yuan.

Internal traffic

The road of Taiyuan city is wide, the urban traffic is unblocked. The traffic among every beauty spot is very convenient too, there is No. 308 of bus of the shrine or No. 804 to Jinsi from square before the railway station, respectively until 1 with 2 admission fee (308 walk old distance, 804 walk new distance), last bus is 7: 30 afternoon; Can also take 308 minibuses (private car ) , admission fee is 2 yuan.

The already basically disappearing now of visible small one in Taiyuan street everywhere in the past, the starting fare of the taxi is 7 yuan / kilometer.

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